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About Us

About US

The Northern Adventures Snowmobile Club is a nonprofit organization comprised of active volunteers dedicated to the sport of snowmobiling. The club also includes non-active members who are unable to physically participate in activities for various reasons, but offer financial support with their memberships and donations.


The club is based in the central region of Bayfield County near Iron River, Wisconsin. Bayfield County offers over 600 miles of groomed trails and over 1,000 miles of forest roads. It is partnered with the Bayfield County Snowmobile Alliance which is responsible for coordinating and performing work on snowmobile trails in Bayfield County, including grooming activities.

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to promote the Iron River area as the snowmobiling destination of the North, providing a well-maintained trail system accessing all of our outdoor activities, a friendly community, and accommodating businesses”.

Our Team

The People Behind Our Club

Joel Kaufmann


Hank Wakefield


April Strandquist


Jody Halet


Rita Urevig

Membership Chair

Jerry Thompkins

Trail Coordinator

Chris Diesing

Director at Large

Roger Larson

Director at Large

Tony Ronchi

Director at Large

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